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Meowsic with Queen Latifa !!!


Rockestra: The New way of Playing Rock Music!!!



New Electronic Music Guitar !!!


Let our children's laughter remind us how we used to be.

Sometimes the sheer joy of toymaking gets lost in the midst of deadlines, cost discussions, shipment details and mountains of minutiea. Sometimes we all have a bad day, at home or at work. Or both.

And then life throws us a gift. So pure and magical that we cannot help but grin from ear to ear, beam from within and feel rejuvenated and happy.

Try to watch this video only once. Impossible. We are about to break the replay button.

"I'd say the Oddballs were a success... :)" wrote a mom on Facebook, not knowing she was making our month! Her little Tori's giggles are infectious. We feel tickled every time we watch.

And we're reminded of Whitney Houston's song "The Greatest Love of All..." Our children's love indeed is That. Our children's giggles light our homes. And our hearts.

Come on, play it again.

Wishing you a googol of giggles.