Sub Ma Plane
B. Something

Build-a-ma-jigs Submaplane

3 to 8 years

Create things found way down in the ocean, high up in the air and deep, deep in your imagination

  • Build a submarine and an airplane. Or an airmarine and a submaplane. Or…or…or…
  • With 29 pieces to build with, there might just be as manycombinations as you have ideas.
  • Power drill, with three interchangeable bits, feels like working in a real shop.
  • Propeller and wheels spin, the rudder moves, the possibilities grow.
  • Take it apart. Put it together. Repeat infinity times.
  • Pieces are interchangeable with other Build-a-ma-jig sets.Yep, we can all just get along.

Submaplane Instructions

2 AA batteries included